For Sale 1000 WSOP Rio tourney chips (CERAMIC) (1 Viewer)

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Oct 28, 2014
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East Valley, Arizona
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Selling my set of 1000 WSOP Rio ceramic chips that I acquired from Jim at the Chiproom a while back. I believe this is the only known set in existence (I've not seen another one).

Color scheme and inlay look exactly like the WSOP tourney chips (currently used). These are ceramic chips - not clay - so the feel and sound are quite different.

Great tourney set - we used these at the BBOTB5 for the SOHE World Championship and they got great reviews.

Canada or CONUS only - if they don't sell I'll open it up to international.

Breakdown (perfect for 10-40 person T1K tourneys).

240 T25
360 T100
200 T500
120 T1000
80 T5000


$750 plus shipping, payment via PayPal (please pay as friends and family or add fees, don't put anything in the memo line and contact me via PM with your shipping address).

Thanks and good luck!

Can you guys get together and PM me with the breakdowns you want? I don't mind shipping separately so that's cool.
Got the chips today. They are awesome!

Interesting shape on this one. Lol [emoji3]


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