SOLD 100 x St. Jo's Frontier $25 - Buy it now - including shipping (1 Viewer)

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Jun 18, 2016
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For sale: 100 x $25 for $105 shipped!
  1. Shipping Terms: [ worldwide shipping including tracking]
  2. Payment Terms: [ PPFF in USD, or in EURO using the current google exchange rate within 24h]

Edit: A racked picture with daylight (cloudy), no filter or effects. Hope that shows especially the color and condition as good as possible.

Attached you can find some close up's of a random barrel with bad lightning (no flash and no daylight; background should be white - but I hope it helps to verify the condition).:


Please note: All St. Jo's chips have been canceled with a cancelation stamp before they hit the privat market. I was able to remove all stamps from both sides.
During the cancellation process a lot of chips got cracked at the spots. - I'd like to mention, that I bought about 2000 chips of this casino (maybe 2500, I really can't remember because it's more than 10 years ago?!) and kept the best of each denomination for my remaining set. During years the set got smaller and smaller. These are my very, very last.
Please check the pictures for condition. The 25's will have cracks, but these are still the best I was able to pick. They shuffle/feel really good and are a bit heavier. They do have the best sound/feeling/price performance ratio to me. That's why I still love them and the green is really popping.

But please check the pictures for the condition and feel free to ask questions or if you need more pictures I'll take as many as you like.


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