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Mar 26, 2013
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Happy new year all !!

So, i started a quest 2 years ago but put it aside for too long now...
I think it's time to take a good resolution for 2015 :eek:

I'm looking for a rack of $1 hotstamp from Nevada but there is a few restrictions :

- NOT from Las Vegas
- Gold foil (probably the most simple)
- Nevada must be written NV, not NEV or other
- Chip color not grey
- THC mold

Let me know if you can help me and send me your offer.

Shipping to France

Thanks for your help !
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I have a rack of these I'm considering parting with. Is it similar to what you're after?


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I know them and love them but they are "NEVADA" not "NV" :(
But that's exactly what i'm looking for except for this detail
Lol sorry misread your post twice now. Good luck in your search.
Hey frenchipper, check ceci: http://www.themogh.org/cg_query.php
Type in country=US, state=Nevada, collectible type=chips all, denom=1.00, mold=H&C, then click on query.
It will show you all Nevada $1 chips. You can set it to see 200 per page and see fast which ones would suit you.
If you want, once you have the list, pm me and I can check their prices in my price guide. That way if some are worth like $10 per chip, it will help narrow your list. ;)
Tu peut me pm en francais aussi.
Hi frenchipper,
I remember your cool project, but was unable to find your initial post about it on the french forums and I don't remember what you already have for fracs (and which colors)... but here is a few chips that might match:
Nice job Cyberottweiler. Frenchipper, Spinettis.com has all of these chips that he showed you. They are $3 each. But if you buy a full rack, he can probably do $1 each or close. Ask for Mikko. (The last picture, Nevada Landing, those are $8 each. So probably can't go very low on those)

Do your other denoms have ".00"?
Thanks for your search :) Here is the original thread on French PCF : http://www.pokerchipsfactory.fr/ind...ouvelle-quete-commence-mixed-cash-set-nevada/
I already contacted spinettis and they have a rack of one of cyberottweiler show but price is really insane...
$250 for the rack + $49 for shipping. Since they used FEDEX for shipping, i will pay high customs fees at reception.
So this rack will cost me over $350 near $400, that's not possible

I'll take look at your link this evening, thanks too
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