For Sale 100 $5 Riverside TR King Chips from the 1960's scrown (1 Viewer)

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Added pic for you. :)
Bump! I have a few racks left, get them before they are gone.... If your wondering if you can find chips to go with them see my pic below. You may have to do some searching but hey, that's all part of the fun :)

Only 100 left, $80 + shipping (if sent as paypal gift) I highly doubt you will see them ever again for this price.
Congrats on selling them all. They are nice.

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Thanks Tommy,

i kept 300 used and the 300 mint ones. Sold 2100 spread between the US, Switzerland and Canada. I ended up making a great mixed Vegas/Reno playable set and made some new friends along the way.

I hope to see that some nice sets that others put together using these chips :cool:
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