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Cancelled 1 Barrel Live Harrah's Joliet Snappers and 25c fracs LAST PRICE DROP (1 Viewer)

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Mar 3, 2022
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Chicago, IL
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Gotta let these go.
1 Barrel of live Harrah's Joliet snappers and 1 barrel fracs. Snappers are casino used but good condition. a few nicks. Cleaned and oiled edges.
Fracs are mostly mint or near mint. 3 are used excellent, 1 is used very good.

Harvested last fall but can't find a place for them in my collections.

PPFF $85 75 65for snappers + shipping.

PPFF $75 65 55 for fracs + shipping.

If not sold by Sunday, it's going to ebay.

Harrahs snappers front.jpg

Harrahs 25c front.jpg


  • Harrahs snappers back.jpg
    Harrahs snappers back.jpg
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  • Harrahs snappers stack.jpg
    Harrahs snappers stack.jpg
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  • Harrahs snappers rack.jpg
    Harrahs snappers rack.jpg
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  • Harrahs 25c back.jpg
    Harrahs 25c back.jpg
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  • Harrahs 25c stack.jpg
    Harrahs 25c stack.jpg
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  • Harrahs 25c rack.jpg
    Harrahs 25c rack.jpg
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