InviteTracker is a system built on a Google Sheet that will allow you to more easily manage invitations to your poker events.

You can automate the sending of messages to your guests. Your guests can update their status by clicking on a link that is included in your message and you can in turn track everyone's responses right within the system.

The system is designed to be very light weight on your guests. No apps to install - just a link to click on.

As the host you can operate most of the functions right from your mobile phone using the Google Sheets App.

You and your guests can also track responses in real time using nothing but a web link.

The system can do several advanced things as well, like:
  • Tracking a waitlist if you get more players than you have seats for
  • Gathering metrics on all your players responses and attendance
  • Sending hourly reminders to players who have not responded to your invitation



Pages Seen by Guests (seen in web browser)​


Guest List Screen (seen in Google Sheets)​


Send Message Screen (seen in Google Sheets)​


Metrics Screen (seen in Google Sheets)​


There are many more screenshots and instructions in the accompanying documentation.

I will publish updates with new functionality as they become available.
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Latest reviews

Great system with a fairly simple setup process. it works great for my large group, and will be using it full time going forward.
Awesome tool ! Thanks a lot
What a great resource. Setting it up was a bit tricky, but once it gets going... wow. So much work must have been put into this. Absolutely appreciate all the effort.
Great tool. Thanks. Just a bit difficult to translate because text is spread around several places. And date format too. But thanks for the hard work.
Thanks for making this available. It's fantastic!

As long as the user is willing to read the documentation and follow the read-me steps they should be able to get things going without being overly tech-savvy.
This tool hits about 90% of my wishlist for organizing players for home games. Everyone gets a link, everyone can update themselves, everyone can see the list. If you are decent with spreadsheets, this shouldn't be too difficult to manage. Obviously it's still in development, but very useful in its current state.
Amazing tool love how its helped my home game
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