Vendor Sale Diamond Mold Paulson Cash Set (1 Viewer)

Josh Kifer

Royal Flush
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Jul 21, 2017
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Not Idaho.
25 (Blues) x 96
50¢ (yellows) x 98
1 (whites) x 180
5 (reds) x 147
20s (blacks) x 46

In very good shape Paulson clay diamond mold cash set. Made to cover most small cash stakes. Chips are used but chalky. Could use an oiling. Some spinners in the whites but it's minimal. Stack well. Keep as is or pull the labels and make your own set. Up to you!

Asking 800 shipped. The case does not come with the sale.
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Bump. Let's go 850 shipped for the set before I put her away for now.
I’d be lying if I said I haven’t sized these up every time I wander past. The colors are so bright and pure! Really great set here with lots of options if you go with a relabel. If I didn’t already have half a dozen projects (at least), I’d be jumping at these!

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