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Aug 27, 2021
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I thought I was no longer capable of being surprised at the niche hobbies to which Internet forums were dedicated.

But then poker chips.

I played a fair amount of poker live and online before Black Friday, and even tried to make a go of it at Carbon Poker in the immediate aftermath, but ultimately decided it just wasn't worth the hassle. Since then I've played a few small MTTs at the local cardrooms, and played cash games in Vegas and meetups here in L.A.

I'm now getting ready to semi-retire, with poker as my hobby/source of discretionary income. I figure I'm going to play a fair amount at home, since my wife and son are both into it, and probably I'll eventually meet some people who will come over to play.

So the chip set I have is woefully inadequate. It looks just like those cheap, run-of-the-mill 11.5 gram chip sets. But noooooo--it's not that good. I discovered they only weigh seven grams. It's amazing that I was ever able to learn to riffle them, but not amazing at all that the experience is dissatisfying. Also, the denominations are bizarre: there are lots of whites and greens, and a much smaller number of reds and blues.

It's more than a bit surprising to me that, since I stopped paying close attention to the game, most of the big chip companies stopped selling for home games. I guess they built out their operations in the boom and when the bust came they were unable to adjust?

Having skimmed over this site, I've decided that what I need is a 500 chip set that's denominated for actual use by non-billionaires. I guess I'm interested in the lesser "China" clay and the ceramics, both card mold and otherwise, that have gotten such glowing reviews around here (at some point I'm going to need somebody to tell me what the process is that produces clay chips that are NOT ceramic). Perhaps I will go in on a group buy one day. But y'all know things, so all suggestions are welcome.


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Dec 29, 2017
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Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC
Hello and welcome!

My suggestion is to take your time and learn all you can, get samples to evaluate. Perhaps attend a local game with one of the forum members who has a sizeable or varied collection of the chips you are interested in learning about. Determine the types of games you want to play and for how many players and devise a breakdown that gives you an efficient number of chips so you can maximize your buying dollar. Save up, because ultimately you're going to spend more than you may realize.
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