Yaquinto Magic: The Gathering Poker Deck


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Dec 6, 2020
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Colorado, USA
Hey all!

Wanted to show off a deck I picked up today; The DCI Legend membership poker deck printed for Wizards of the Coast.

The more common on the 2 MTG poker decks printed, there were 1000 of the Yaquinto Magic-backed decks printed as a promotional item for players when they signed up for the DCI Legend Membership Program in the 90's.

I find it to be a great piece of history for one of the most successful trading card games ever made, and an opportunity to get enjoyment collecting for two of my favorite games of all time. Since these will never be printed again, I am tempted to sleeve them to not ruin them any further. Upon arrival, I was worried that the white splotches were going to be an issue. Upon removing them from the package, no such splotches or marks were found; they arrived cleaner than expected. Typically, these decks sell for $100 each these days.

Very happy to have found a set for myself, and am hoping to find 2 jokers floating around the market to complete the deck!


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Jan 15, 2021
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I used to play Magic until I just couldn't put the time (and money) into it anymore. I still play a little now, but only casually. Never heard of poker decks printed like that. Those are great. Enjoy!
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