For Sale Yak's Tourney Set (Total 640 Chips) NEW (1 Viewer)

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Nov 6, 2014
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I have these New Chipco Yak's for sale. SOLD

100 (5's), 140 (25's), 240 (100's), 100 (500's) and 60 (1000's)..

Asking $179.00 shipped in US.

Will try and post pic's later.
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if willing to split

I would take 100 x $25 100 x $100 60 x $500 and your remaining $1000s
Don't want to split right now.

This price is what I paid for them, or very close to it. May be even less....
How do I cancel this or re-title it. Only have cash chips left, but can't delete Tourney Set.
I already have a For Sale Thread for the cash set. I'll try and find it. I think it's on page 4 or 5 in the classifieds .
Russ if you want to close this thread being the chips are sold go to thread tools at the top of your first post and click the sold and it will automatically mark it as sold and close the thread from further posts. Or if you'd like I can re-title it for you as the cash set but it sounds like you may already have a thread for them?
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