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Nov 28, 2019
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OK.... so I'm 2 days late.... so sue me. It's Christmas... I've been busy. :D

Since we seem to have more than a few guitar players here, for the sake of the PCF Guitar (and/or VanHalen) tone nerds here that haven't seen it, Pete Thorn & special guest Dave Friedman did a "deep dive" down the Eddie VanHalen tone rabbit hole on Pete's YouTube channel a little while back.

If you don't know who Pete Thorn is, well, as an LA-based studio musician he's become one of 4 Non Blondes former artist-turned-record producer Linda Perry's go-to guitar guys. & been heard on recordings of Courtney Love & Alicia Keys to name a couple. As a "hired gun" he's toured with the likes of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave) & Melissa Etheridge among others.

Friedman is a now legendary name in the boutique amplifier world. However, before that, Dave had a career as amp guru & live rig builder to the stars. Besides the late EVH, he's built live rigs for the likes of Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), & Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), to name a few.

Sometime around the time of recording "A Different Kind Of Truth", Eddie was unhappy with the sound of his now many-many-times repaired/reworked original 68(-ish) Plexi. ("The" VH head). The same one he used on every recording up to 5150, & maybe some/all of OU812. (jury's still out & likely always will be - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge/F.U.C.K. was a Soldano) It was Friedman who was tasked with "restoring" it back to EVH/"original" spec. Even with the help of Eddie himself, what may or may not have existed for modifications (if any - done by the late Jose Arredondo) back in 1978 was still something of a guess.

If you want to skip ahead to the amp specs... that starts at 5:30, with part II (the output tubes & bias setting) at 36:35.

In this short clip (joined in progress) Dave relates the story of restoring the amp....

I have my own theories & thoughts about the "EVH Tone", but I probably shouldn't go down that rabbit hole here or I'd be typing all day. :D
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Apr 29, 2020
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Very cool, super nerdy stuff. I'm just getting started, but I will watch it all eventually. But the first guy (Pete) has a lazy eye that I can't stop staring at! Making it hard to focus on what he's saying.
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