Cancelled WTT TRK dimes (10c), Casablanca ylw 500s, for Paulson 500s,1000s. (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2014
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I have a rack of TRK dimes for trade as I'm no longer planning a TRK set.
I'm in need of Paulson purple 500s, something like Casablancas, Condado Beach, Empress, Ambassador Plaza. Also in need of Aztar 1000s. I also have 20 mint Casablanca $500s in yellow to trade. I won't be needing them if I find purple 500s.

PM me with your proposals and we can try to work something out.

To give you an idea what is expected in return of TRKs, I have $400 into this rack. That's $4/chip.
When you think about it we pay up to $5/chip for a $500 chip, and up to $10/chip for a $1000 chip and those are for sale every day of the week.
Those denoms are available in rack quantities every time a casino closes and is subsequently offered by The Chip Room Etc.Given there are usually 0 racks of dimes in the lot when casino chips become available, and TRKs are rare, how often have you seen a FULL rack of TRK dimes for sale? Think about it. Now is when you realise $4/chip is a steal and send me a trade offer, lol. :)

I've finally decided to oil these as they were a little pale and in need of it. It really makes them pop.



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