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4 of a Kind
Aug 1, 2014
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Great White North
So my 5 year old son was playing a dinosaur game on his tablet. He turned to me and says "my Dino egg is there but it isn't hatching" only to turn his eyes back to the game and calmly add "what the fuck?"

Ahhhhh kids...:rolleyes:

He later added after a talk his friend says that all the time. Which was a relief because so do I :D
Sounds like a really smart 5-year-old who essentially gave his dad a get-out-of-jail card with Mom. I'd say you owe him one, lol....
My buddy's kid brother convinced his 4th grade teacher he had Tourette's for the first two weeks of the year until the back to school night when the parents visited. This was before the era of special education so I guess it would be harder to pull that off nowadays.

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