WSOP Chip Usage History – Main Events


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Jan 28, 2016
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1987 – 1990

Binion’s Horseshoe Paulson

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25 – Green Paulson
100 – Black Paulson
500 – Gray Paulson
1,000 – Gold Paulson
5,000 – Brown Paulson

Year – Entrants (Places Paid)

1987 – 152 (36)
1988 – 167 (36)
1989 – 178 (36)
1990 – 194 (36)

Introduced in 1987, these were both the first Paulson chip set and the first full NCV set used at the WSOP. 1990 was the last time Paulson chips were used exclusively at the Main Event until 2007.

Does anyone has the Paulson colors used in this lineup (base color + edge spots colors) ?
Nov 4, 2014
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Comparing the ones in my collecition to my Paulson color samples, I get:

1 - off white
5 - royal red with blurple spots (?) (I have a ? here as nothing in the set matches... navy and royal blue aren't "purple" enough and dark blue is too light)
25 - indian blue with peach spots
100 - charcoal with arc yellow (95% certain) and sky blue spots
500 - grey with white and black spots
1000 - mustard and day blue
5000 - colon orange with blaze orange, chocolate (*) and yellow spots. (the chocolate looks too dark, but the chip is worn and the sample pristine)

The spots on the 5 has me a bit stumped and the only thing I can think is that it's worn enough (as well as the 100 and 5000) that the colors aren't 100% in the chips from the WSOP as they in the samples simply because they are worn and have seen enough play, drying out and whatever else has happened between then and now that the colors have shifted just a bit.

Short of giving the chips a thorough cleaning and a bit of oil (which I'm not going to do with my collectable chips) these three cases are going to have to be "best guesses, but most likely".
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