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Don Clay

Full House
Apr 24, 2013
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It is said here that soccer catch more and more attention in the US, is that true ?

good luck to the USA Team today,
Hope you qualify to quarter !

Thanks, Yes it seems like Soccer is getting a bigger following each year in the USA. American football, Basketball, and Baseball are still more popular but Soccer seems to be catching up. My Daughter plays at a very high level so soccer is on all the time at my house. She is excited they are showing more soccer these days, she watches the champions league.
thanks for that answer woody,
Very high level, is your daughter a professional player ?

European Champion's league ?
She is still in high school just 15 years old. She plays year round on a nationally ranked club team. We travel all over the east coast from Maine to Florida. My friends think we are nuts but she enjoys playing and the wife and I enjoy watching so it works for us.

Yes, we get to see the English Premier league and the European Champion's league on TV.
that's awesome, woody,
English Premier is certainly best championship in the world,
I watch the champion's leage too even if french clubs never win it :(

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