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Royal Flush
Nov 6, 2014
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Last week I was invited to a work party at a suite at the University of Michigan Football stadium. I was told to come hungry because the appetizers were pretty good. Boy were they right. Steak, Chicken, ect......Oh, and lets throw in a open bar.

wife in the suite


locker room



On the field. Pretty cool with all the lights on and shit.

Too bad you had to sit through a Michigan game to get the goodies . . . but nice score.

This was a Thursday night. No game. I don't really do college football. Wasn't gonna pass up a good party!!! Not even my department. This is Physical Med/Rehab's way of showing their appreciation to their employees. My office is in their department, so they invited me, lol. Fuck it, I'll take it.
Tour of the stadium and great food. Looks like a good time.
Good score!

I always eat before work functions because every time I go to one the venue is stingy and slow with food.
Very cool.....I've only been to the Big House once for a game back in the 1980's. It would be cool to get that kind of a tour of the stadium.

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