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Apr 25, 2013
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I've been working on a side project for some time which is making wooden chip trays. I'm finally getting close to finishing so I'd though I'd post some pictures of the results. These trays are 9.5"x3"x1" and the inner row length is 71mm to accommodate china clays.






Damn...are the centers veneer or made from a solid piece of wood? Very nice.

Whole thing is solid wood. Maple for the cores, cherry for the sides.
Wow. Those are some beautifully made trays. They remind me of some that I've seen in yesteryear. Have you been involved in woodworking for a long time?
Thanks Greasy.

I have very little woodworking experience actually, just took it in high school.
I appreciate the kind words all. I plan to finish off my entire set this weekend. I just need to figure out if they'll fit into a birdcage for the time being.
I was wondering if they'd fit in a birdcage too. Be careful with stacking them being there isn't a notch or anything on the underside to keep the racks from sliding off each other after you've taken the arcylic birdcage cover off. Those are too beautiful to let them get damaged!
I did a test fit yesterday and they unfortunately don't fit in a birdcage. They're too long.

I could trim them down to fit, but I think I'd rather build a custom wood storage case for them. I guess I know what's next on my to do list.

The trays will get grooves cut into the bottom sides so that they can stack easier. They'll still be able to slide side to side, but at least not front to back. I'm still working on making a jig to allow me to make the cuts consistent.

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