WIP Custom Ceramics Set Design


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Aug 13, 2019
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Hi all!

I've found myself quite interested in the cards mold group-buy threads recently. After doom scrolling through the 190+ page thread the other night, I decided to make an attempt at designing my own set. Perhaps if another GB happens in the future, and they let new designs in, I can actually get my hands on these.


I think the inspiration for a number of the individual chips is straightforward. While there's not quite a direct progression in the edge spots, I was just hoping for something with good variation while still being homogeneous. I strayed away from having graphics in the inlays, because from the examples I had seen the fidelity of these on the final chips didn't seem like something I'd be happy with.

I know the denominations are also a little weird. This originally started as a set with 1/5/20/100/500/2000 (for 18xx / economic board games), but I threw in the $0.25 thinking maybe they would be useful down the line for some cash games. At first, I had separated out these sets, but I just don't know if I need to go there.


Prior to browsing the GB threads I had started with a CPC version, but even with simplifying many of the designs I struggled to see how this would become economically viable for me at this time.


As for next steps, I plan to:
- use an organic shape for the edge spots. I quite enjoy the imitation of real clay chips and especially on the sides of the chips it helps nullify the small portion that may not be perfectly aligned
- layout the side edges (yay maths!), again with faux clay style
- I'm still not 100% sold on the cards mold itself. Waiting on samples for determining that

Well, hope this post isn't too rambling. I figured if I was going to throw this out there that I might as well include all my thoughts up front.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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