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Mar 23, 2013
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Windows 10 comes out this week. Anyone planning to upgrade?
My desktop is approaching it's 5 year old mark - usually time to upgrade. I am tempted to upgrade it to 10, and test drive it before purchasing a new system that may be stuck with Vista-like quality.

Also, is upgrading every 5 years wasting money?
I'll probably go with 10 on my "test" laptop, if I like it I'll upgrade the rest of the machines, if not we'll stick with 7 a while longer.
For one of my machines with windows 8.1 I'm definitely upgrading. Its free for those with licensed 7 or higher for the first year of 10. I have a machine with 7 that will stay 7 because I don't want to be tech support for 4 girls living in my house who use it.
agreed with guinness, 8 and 8.1 are garbage, but if you have windows 7, i would stick with it
Beware of the test version of windows 10 it sends heaps of data home. have a look at their privacy statement. Like seriously read it. the version to market may be better but it still phones home.

In my case
- my laptop is a dual boot Win 7 / Debian Linux machine. If it wasn't for the Linux-incompatible sound card, I wouldn't use Win7 on it at all.
- my wife's is a Win 7 machine
- my spare desktop is a Win 7 / Debian machine.
- each of my sons have a Win 8.x machine (one steadfastly refuses to connect to the Windows Store, so it hasn't been upgraded to Win8.1 yet). And you need Win 8.1 in order to upgrade to 10. I have to say, Win 8 is a royal p-i-t-a.

I'll upgrade mine first to see where the hiccups are. Once I bend that one to my will, the others will follow. And if I hate it, I'll restore back to Win7.

The rest of the PC's are either running XP or Debian, and will remain that way.
There are some great articles on about Windows 10. Worth checking out if you are thinking about upgrading.
I'm using Windows 7 on my laptop; have no intentions of changing. 7 is actually the most stable version of Windows since 31, in my opinion. I have had no problems whatsoever with it, and knowing Macrocrap's marketing strategy of putting out a new operating system that isn't even 95% bug free, I don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with one of their so-called upgrades.
I can't agree more. DOS, 3.1, then 7. I still want DOS. I'm often tempted to partition and go back to Linux, but I'm not as tech savvy as I was in 1990, and software... yes... software.
The reviews are awesome about Windows 10. Barring any stop ship reports in the next week, I'm upgrading all machines in my house. The ongoing theme is no learning curve and ease of use for 7+ users.
I'm sticking with Windows 7 for the moment, but have registered my free upgrade to Win 10 so after it's been out awhile and field tested I have the option of moving to the new version.
I'm sticking with Windows 7 for the moment, but have registered my free upgrade to Win 10 so after it's been out awhile and field tested I have the option of moving to the new version.


I've registered it on all of the machines, but only mine will go to Win10. Once I'm comfortable with it, the others will be upgraded.
I'm going to do a back up today and make the jump.
Upgraded to Windows 10. Things are laid out much better IMO and boot up and shut down is much faster on my system. So far so good.

I just found my first problem but I figured it out and its now fixed. If you have Office 2013 installed and you upgrade to Windows 10, you may not be able to activate windows. It will keep saying 'Windows Can't Activate, Try Again Later' and give you an error code (0xC004F034). I did some searching and everyone thinks the problem is with MS activation servers. Turned out I had to repair/re-install my Office and then re-enter my serial number for it. After I rebooted, Windows was activated.
Well I got a new machine two weeks ago and get the free upgrade. I'm sure I'll do it but everything I touch as of late turns to shit and pisses me off.
The new Edge browser looks promising, once they allow extensions.
I will be updating this weekend on my 2 in 1, I will let you know how it goes..
I will remember to opt out of some of the settings that BGinGA's link talked about..Thanx for the heads up.

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