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Mar 8, 2014
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So I got a refurbished Haier window AC almost a month ago. Its a 5000btu

Everything was going well and it was blowing crisp cold air out until about a day or so ago. my place was pretty steamy tonight. I stood in front of it on max and it was blowing moderately cool air - not warm but not cold. I went outside and its blowing the exact same temp air outside when it should be fairly warm and humid air.
The store gives 2 weeks on it but I am a week or two past that.

What could be wrong with it? Coolant? too much water build up inside?
Is the compressor running? There's a couple reasons for it to not work. If it is running, a refrigerant leak is most likely. Ice on the evaporator coil might be another issue.
not sure as of tonight..., I know just a few days ago I noticed a decently large drip of water coming down underneath it on to my window sill.
I have it turned off now to rest (and to not waste energy).
Couple of things you can check...

Make sure the filter is clean.
It's installed with the proper tilt so the condenstation drips out the rear.
Is 5000BTU big enough for the room? If not it will not cycle properly.
First off, I'd say I probably have more experience than most people with window AC units - they are generally a great, cost-effective source of auxiliary cooling. So I promise I'm not just trying to be a dick here, but I have to tell it like it is:

-It's a Haier (worst possible brand of anything - this is the "cheap" brand at Walmart - for a reason.)
-It's not just a Haier, it's a REFURBISHED Haier.
-5000 BTU

So you have the smallest, cheapest unit possible of the cheapest, crappiest brand possible - AND it's a refurb. I'd say you were lucky to get a month of effective use out of it.

Frigidaire, while not amazing, is a HUGE step up for not that much more moolah. GE/Kenmore/LG etc. are better, but maybe not better enough to justify the usual price difference (unless you can find a deal.)
I got a huge recommendation from my condo building manager on a Haier. He got the same one from the same store and his has been great all summer. He said they were one of the best brands.. Guess I put too much trust in his word. He does a lot of building maintenance work around here so I assumed he was a good source of info.
I dunno, it's possible that they're different in Canada. All I know is that in the USA, Haier is complete crap. I owned a Haier AC once (back in the days of wondering if I'd be able to pay the rent each month...) IIRC it cooled well for maybe a couple of weeks, cooled poorly for a few months after that, then died. Also it's fairly hilarious to look at a Haier "HDTV" side-by-side with a real HDTV displaying the same thing in an electronics store. ;)
So all seems to be good now with the unit. I left it off for a few days. But I also noticed I had it on 'low' and 1 out of 10 so that may have been the culprit of poor coldness.
But as of right now its blowing pretty cool inside and warm air outside :)

thanks for the help though
Every time I see this thread, I wonder about whether Microsoft has a new operating system (I use Macs) and open the thread up and find out it's about refrigerant.

Windows AC is still two versions out....

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