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Not Mine Why does this seller list $3-$5 chips for $20-$30? (1 Viewer)

Yep. And it is a voluntary transaction, so I do not feel terribly bad for people who pay those prices.
Its unfortunate for them, but if they arent going to explore their options, that's their loss
You can't learn about bad transactions very well unless you participate in a few. Now, if you're duping somebody for an onerous mortgage on a $250k house, completely different scenario. Then again, if you're not doing a ton of homework when spending $250k, well, you can't blame public education on that one.
Thinking of getting this sweet Bieber autographed pic he has, lol
I think it because someone quickly thinks I want this chip from that casino and in consumer fashion goes to the fastest and quickest route. Usually, this means paying way more then you need to.
There’s plenty of sellers on eBay that are simply on fishing trips. They bait the hook and wait. They have patience to sell very few but overpriced wares to the unsuspecting.
I didn’t search for completed transactions but if people are actually buying, then shame on them.
Why? Someone else would probably say shame on us here for buying them at $3. In rack quantities!
He can't be selling any of these chips, right?
and people buy them
I didn’t search for completed transactions
Just FYI, I just searched "Sold Items" from this seller, and only 1 listing showed up a token from Aladdin casino sold in February 2020. So it seems people aren't buying from this seller. If he wants to post & repost overpriced items for months and months that don't even sell, there's nothing stopping him.

It's kinda the paradox of eBay -- many ads that remain posted on eBay tend to be the overpriced items that no one wants, while any desirable collectible item sold at a reasonable price, especially with a Buy It Now option would be bought immediately. So the reasonably priced items are only up for minutes.

I no longer pay any attention or worry about overpriced items on eBay -- I just move along.


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