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Feb 25, 2014
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I have a 600ct arcylic birdcage with the clasps on the top and to be honest I hate it. It seems cheap and flimsy

Although on the other hand, ive been to a few games at Bergs and this is what his chips are stored in and his cases seem much more sturdy

ideally I would like the birdcage like the one attached $_57.JPG
I'm interested in where to get some of these (and one or two of the 800 varieties) too. Following with interest :)
I have a spare 1k and 600 one. I got them off eBay a year or two ago. The 600 count one is actually more heavy duty acrylic then the 1k.
i saw one on eBay, $44. hoping to find a better price, considering i can get a 1000ct one for like $55 many places
The 600ct cages pop up on eBay from time to time. I have a few that I got from a local contact. He wasn't able to get any more. I bought them for $30-$35, no shipping.
yeah i was about to post a couple links to the eBay auctions and noticed the picture above is from one of them. agreed that it's kind of silly to pay $45 (incl shipping but still...) for one of these.
Not a fan of the clasps ones either. Chip trays get wedged and stuck at the bottom
Those ones pictured are far nicer and worth extra cost if any

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The thing about the 600 is they are definitely heavier duty then then 1k count ones I've had so even if they are 44 vs 55 its probably worth it. I'd say the acrylic in the 600 count ones I have are almost twice as thick as the 1k count birdcages. I know that doesn't help you find one for cheaper but just saying...
I have several 1000-ct birdcages holding 400-600 chips each. I can always put 600 chips in a 1000 case, but never the other way around. Flexibility > cuteness. YMMV.
PGI sells them. I emailed information quote a couple months ago. Sounds like two cone in a box to help maximize shipping IIRC.


apologies, but that i am controactually obligated to post that gif and exclamation anytime the donkwoods set is referenced

my reference was in regards to some pharaohs abby is sending my way to complete a set i picked up from harley

Donkwoods are expected to be completed end of July :(
I've bought a total of 5 on eBay, looks like $39.99 shipped was the most I paid. Last time I just had to find someone that USED to sell them and messaged them asking if they had any more. They listed 3 of them for me at the time.
As others have mentioned, 600-chip acrylic carriers can usually be found on eBay for around $40, plus PGI usually has them in stock.

Good luck finding 800-chip carriers, though -- the only place I've found them is on casino supply sites, who will not sell direct to the public. Miight be able to bulk order from somebody on alibaba, but that place is such a crap shoot....... Trying to see if Joe can get them from his supplier might be a better option. Or a 1000-chip carrier ~can~ be cut down, if you have the appropriate plastic cutting tools.
Hard to get maybe? :confused: I will email them to see if they will offer a discount for PCF members.
Keywest may be able to get these at a better price. Check with Dennis first.
why are these like 25% more expensive than the 1000ct, seem bizarre
My supplier only stocks the 600-count chip fill carrier with the metal bottom and clasps.
why are these like 25% more expensive than the 1000ct, seem bizarre

Supply and demand. The same reason a 10-pound propane tank is more expensive than a 20-pound tank. (Not to fill, of course, but to buy in the first place.)

Thanks for the links throughout this thread. I've been wanting some 600 or 800 chip birdcages for a while but haven't been able to stomach the shipping... maybe I'll try again.
I've bought 4 total from this seller on eBay at $39.99 shipped, most recently in January. I dunno why the price has gone up so much, looks like they aren't taking offers on it either. $45.99 seems a little steep, but if I desperately needed one, I'd probably still pull the trigger.


Quality is excellent, although $45.99 is definitely steep. Wasn't exactly a bargain at $39.99, I felt.

Used to be able to get the 1000 chip birdcages on eBay for $39.99 shipped too, but I haven't seen them that cheap in a couple years.
I don't like the 1000 ct carriers or the non-clasp 600 ct carriers - if one of the bolts at the bottom of that handle go, bye bye chips. I've used the 600 ct clasped carriers for 3 years and have hauled them all over the northeast - never had a single issue. The clasps are sturdy and the quality of the acrylic case and joints is top notch. Maybe they've changed manufacturers, both I got these from either Apache or Gamblers Warehouse (forget which but think it's the former).

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