Where do you buy casino chips? (1 Viewer)


3 of a Kind
Jan 10, 2014
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I have purchased many chips from The Chip Room, some from eBay and of course, from other chip site members. The Chip Room hasn't had any offerings lately and I was wondering if anyone knew of other ventures such as The Chip Room that sell used (or unused) casino chips. I guess one could reasonably buy $1 or lower denom chips from the casino itself as well. But to pay face value for chips of higher denoms would be costly. Of course one can buy casino quality chips from Apache, CPC (formerly ASM), Holdem Poker Chips, etc.
So, where do you get your chips?
I haven't seen anybody else taking on the job of liquidating a casino's inventory of chips like Jim does. There's plenty of member to member sales on the chips forums (including here on PCF). I've had good luck with that so far, but it's different than going through Jim or an eBay seller, generally.

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