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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
What's coming up for the
Key West Resort & Casino

New issue $1 chip coming in 2014

Just as casinos often issue a new chip from time to time, I'm considering a adding a new $1 chip to the Key West line in 2014 to commemorate "10 years of Key West." The chip was initially made in 2004 by Apache and ASM, so it's been 10 years since its introduction.

The new $1 chip will likely be blue with yellow 312 spots, and carry the same $1 inlay that is on the current $1 chips. It would be added to the line, so white $1 chips will still be available. The original white $1 chips will be called "first edition" chips, and the blues will be "second editon."

The plan is to keep the white $1 chips available as usual, so you, the buyer, could decide if you wanted a white $1 chip, a blue $1 chip, or some of each in your Key West setup.

UV Security Tests underway

For the past couple of weeks, I've been experimenting with different UV inks, pens, stencils, etc., with the hope of placing a UV security feature on all Key West chips in the future. Much time has been spent waiting for samples of UV ink pens. (Conducting the actual tests has been easy and actually, kind of fun.)

If successful, your Key West chips will have a small UV security figure on each inlay (both sides), something like a palm tree, or a sunset or a crescent moon, next to the denomination. It will be completely invisible in normal light, and will light up under UV light to identify the chip.

My requirements for this are pretty tough.

  • The UV ink must be safe, non-toxic and permanent. It can't wash off.
  • The UV ink pen needs to be sharp enough to make a clear, identifiable figure when stenciled on to the inlay.
  • The color has to be right
  • The process must be quick and easy enough for us to offer it to our existing Key West chip owners, so they can readily add it themselves to their chips if they'd like.

If all goes well, I'll put up some photos of the test results here.

If we land on a process that's easy and works well, we have the opportunity to mark your chips uniquely with the UV security. Please let me know if you'd prefer a standard UV security marking on all chips, or one that's unique to your set of chips.

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Congrats on 10 years! The UV security feature is a nice touch. Can't wait to see pictures of it once you get some samples tested. :)
Congrats on 10 years! The UV security feature is a nice touch. Can't wait to see pictures of it once you get some samples tested. :)

So far, I've found UV pens with beautiful, bright blue ink that would look nice for Key West, but the points are too thick to make a clear, distinct and attractive small impression. There is always the possibility to "light up" some part of the inlay with UV, but I'd rather add a small figure like the palm tree -- slightly smaller than the denom number, next to it.
Key West to get it's own slot machine!

Our friends at Jetacer -- makers of the American Slot Machine game in the "Arcade" section of the Key West's Forum -- have created a custom slot machine game for the Key West Resort & Casino's site. Visitors to the site will soon be able to play "Key West Slots" from home by visiting the "Free Casino Games" page.

Using their American Slot Machine platform as a starting point, Jetacer techs have customized a game using Key West-inspired graphics on the slot reels -- palm trees, limes and lemons. They have a working prototype that I've tried out myself. (It's fun and looks good.) It's based on a 25-cent slot machine, and you can bet one, two or three coins. There's a "max bet" button, like a standard casino slot.

Right now, we're working to tweak the graphics and colors to make it even better.

The game will always be available 24 / 7, and will always be free to play. (It will reload with coins each time you visit.)

Look for it in a couple of weeks!

My plan is to make this the first of several casino games available on the site, and to keep all the games free to play. I hope to have custom Key West slots, blackjack, roulette, and even multiple-player poker on the site by the end of 2014. The games will feature virtual Key West cards and chips As each new game is developed, it will replace the free open software versoins already on the site.
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