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Mar 7, 2020
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So I got these blanks chips.
They are made from some type of hard plastic and are textured. Any idea what I could do with them?
Could I stamp them?
Because of the texture on them putting a label on the middle won't work I think.


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Hate to give an ambiguous answer but - It's only worth it if you think it is.

I generally prefer nicer chips, but don't mind functional chips if there is a reason. Reasons for me might be as a loaner/travel/party/outdoors/limit/etc.
Plastic super diamonds can be hot-stamped, and is probably your cheapest option besides using them as-is, or marking denominations with a Sharpie, hobby paint stick, ink pad stamp, or stenciled airbrush paint (the latter could look great, but pretty labor-intensive).

They have no center recess, so labels are out unless you either mill first or don't mind spinners and heavy label wear.
I was considering just rubber stamping them with gold Ink. I wanted to air brush them with stencils but equipment is expensive. Could just buy better chips for that money lol
So I went on amazon to buy some stamping stuff. I wonder if I just wasted £40........

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