What is your opinion about four-color decks? (1 Viewer)

I didn't like them until I got a set of the latest @desjgn 4 colour decks. I really like the new deck and for whatever reason most of my players do (previously 4 colour decks were hated by most).

I'm not sure why but my guess is the green and blue often look very washed out on the Copaq decks and arent on the @desjgn decks.
Most in the Moxie Poker League likes them, a few tolerate them and a few complain. We used the Copags for a while but switch to @desjgn's bridge size 4-color decks due to durability issues with the Copags.

Personally, I much prefer them and they're great for all games but especially handy in OFCP.
It's a weird thing when you think about it. If four color decks were the "standard" only a heretic would suggest cutting down to two colors.

Like I said, there is no practical reason to use 2 color. People only hate them because they seem foreign to them so the only rationale for the preference is tradition.
Great on the computer, but I don't love it live for some reason.
Came here to echo ^this^ sentiment. 4-color is all I use online, but I find them distracting in live play (and helpful to lesser-skilled or inattentive players).

All of my local players hated them when I tried introducing them long ago.
As the resident old, blind person: I have yet to see a four-color deck in which the green and blue cards are anywhere near as readable as the black and red at any distance greater than arm's length.


I love the 4-color deck on Poker Stars. However, I've played with a deck IRL and . . .


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