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Nov 12, 2014
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Hey Everyone,

With the upcoming Chip Room sale, we thought it might be a good time to let all y'all know where we are with regards to wait times:
We are still incredibly busy.

As I like to tell customers from outside PCF (no, really, such a place exists!)
We are a boutique printer, just one guy with one printer, who happens to be able to apply his printing expertise to his passion for poker chips. We like to think of Gear’s work in the same category as custom handmade furniture. And just like handmade furniture, it takes time to do it right.

Currently I quote at least 3 months before Gear can begin working on new jobs.
Right now, it’s more like 4 months, but that ebbs and flows based on the makeup of the queue.
We have chosen not to offer “rush service” based on a premium fee, and despite being asked a few times, we don’t plan to do so in the future.

However, we are chippers too, and we do believe in “label emergencies.” We want to see you all have fun out there, and we realize that can’t always be planned in advance, so we try to accommodate smaller emergency orders where we can.

Regarding Indiana Grands:
  • Preparing the artwork will be a high priority once we have sample chips on hand. It’s worth noting that we don’t get sample chips any earlier than you do (and usually later, due to international shipping.) A sample set is required so that we can fine-tune the artwork, dial in the size(s) needed, and confirm the colormatching.
  • Speaking of colors, the Indiana Grand set doesn’t use many fluorescent chip colors, so great-looking faux shaped inlays will be achievable most of the time (i.e. we should be able to match the base color of most of the chips.) The exceptions are the Day Green $25 secondary and both of the Blaze Orange $1000s. (Have a quick read of our FAQ for an explanation of why this matters.)
  • To make it very clear: Re-labelling the $25,000 chips will not look good, no matter what, because they have oversized inlays to begin with. Neither overlabelling nor inlay replacement is viable.
  • For those of you in our queue already and now looking at this sale: Because you haven’t paid yet, your order is still 100% changeable. If you want to scrap what you have planned and start from scratch, you can, and you will not lose your place in the queue. Just reply to your existing email thread with the details and I will update your order.

One more thing regarding wait times…
Until now, we have said jobs that reach the top of our queue can wait there indefinitely if you and/or your artwork are not quite ready yet. Unfortunately, this policy is starting to impact wait times for everyone. Therefore we are now updating this policy.

We will hold you at the top of the queue for the same amount of time you waited for us to be ready to quote you and send you mockups. After that time, if you are not ready to print, we will have to put you to the back of the line to wait again. I will communicate a date with you and warn you a week before that clock runs out. We hate that everyone waits so long, and we feel bad about it, so it’s only fair we wait for you as long as you wait for us. But we now have a log jam at the top of the queue and it is impeding the normal flow of jobs. We figure this is a fair solution that should resolve itself over time without screwing anyone over.

As always, we are very appreciative of this community.
We can't wait to go to the convention in Vegas next month and re-connect with old friends and make some new ones.

Email me at ask@gearlabels.com if you have any questions or want to place an order.

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