What Custom Set?


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Nov 26, 2020
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United States
What companies are there to provide custom sets relative to...
price, design, material, and durability?
Where did you get your personal chips made?


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Apr 15, 2019
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Boston, MA
All depends on what kind of custom sets you are looking to have done. The options for the home market are mostly limited to plastics and ceramics while CPC is the only company that makes fully custom clay chips for the average consumer. Most members here own Paulson's that are retired from casinos and some select Paulson's that were made for the home market back in the day, as well as some chips that were made fairly recently through back door channels. Certain vendors buy up stock from closed casinos and make them available to forum members. A huge portion of the chips come from these channels while some members also make finds on their own. All my custom clay chips are relabaled Paulson chips for example. To get back to your question, here are some of your choices.

Clay Chips = CPC - http://classicpokerchips.com/ (Also a forum vendor)
Stock Designs and Full Custom Ceramics = BrProPoker - https://brpropoker.com/ (Also a forum vendor)
Plastic Chips = Matsui/Abbiati - Use forum search for ordering information. Typically you can go their sites and email a regional rep
Ceramic Hybrids = Sunfly - https://www.sunflycasinoequipment.com/ (Also a forum vendor)

All these chip options will last a lifetime if properly cared for in the average home game. If you run your own full time poker room than you would expect to have to replace worn/damaged chips over time. Clay chips are the most expensive while the various plastic/ceramic options vary in price, but can be as cheap as 50 to 60 cents a chip and as expensive as 2-3 bucks for the high end plastics from Abbiati. My personal recommendation... if you want custom poker chips go to the forum classifieds or vendors and find some nice Paulson's that you like and either label over the existing label or remove the original label and add your own. There are a lot of forum threads you can search about this. Hope this answer helps :tup:.


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Dec 29, 2017
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Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC
Best design flexibility: ceramics and hybrids
Best durability: plastics, all ranges
Best material: true compression clay (my opinion)
Best price: whatever you can afford for each category above.

There really are no easy answers. Get samples.
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