What color is the dress? (1 Viewer)

What color is the damn dress?

  • White and gold

    Votes: 20 64.5%
  • Blue and black

    Votes: 8 25.8%
  • Other (explain in thread)

    Votes: 3 9.7%

  • Total voters


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Oct 28, 2014
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i'm sure we've all seen it by now. so what color is this damn dress?

I must be going crazy. The first few times I saw pics it was black and blue. Now all I can see is white and gold.
first time i saw it i saw blue and brown when i was on my ipad mini. now looking at a 17" laptop screen, i see blue and black.

gold i can KIND of see if you wanna stretch the definition of gold a bit to include lightish brown, but white i just can't understand.
I have been looking at this picture all damn night trying to figure out what the fuss is about. I saw the other pictures of the dress, seems pretty clear it's blue/black in real life, but the exposure makes it look pretty clearly white/gold to me. I have tried only 2 different screens though, a Dell IPS monitor and a Galaxy S4. I'm wondering if a screen with poorer viewing angles will make it look blue/black. I have a TN monitor on my other PC I could turn on and see if it's any different...
I'm going to vote "other"

This pic just looks like one of those pics that was taken with a shitty camera in even worse lighting. Kind of like the pictures of MGM Detroit quarters that look bright yellow or even neon pink.
Don't know WTF the story is here (obviously I'm the only Hillbilly Fu#& here) but it looks white (possibly baby blue) and gold on my mac laptop

BTW just hanging there it looks ugly as sin....
I must not get out enough, I also had no idea about this until I saw this thread. I see white and goldish brown but I'm wearing blublocker sunglasses ;)
Ok I'm officially weirded out. Earlier it was easily white and gold. Now it's blue and black. Wtf.
white & gold on my office dell monitors (and one acer, have a triple monitor setup)
curses, foiled again (you should've dropped the dr cox gif on me there)
It's blue and black for me, and I can't even begin to imagine how people are seeing it as white and gold (even with the versions where the white balance is shifted all to hell). I'll double check with WebMD, but it seems like you all have brain tumors growing in your vision centers.
Looks like blurple and chocolate to me. New idea for color combo. [emoji13]
every time i hear people arguing over whether it's black or gold i can't help but sing (yes the parody version too)

Ok I'm officially weirded out. Earlier it was easily white and gold. Now it's blue and black. Wtf.

So last night on my iPad it was blue/black. Then out of curiosity I checked it here at work on a monitor... White/Gold scrolled down to read a few responses and then back up and it was back/blue again. WTF again.
I can only see black and blue when I tilt the screen of my phone 90 degrees. Looking at it straight on, whether on mobile or desktop, I see white and gold every time.
When I looked at it earlier in the daytime (and voted), it was white/gold (maybe a very light blue w/gold). Certainly not blue/black.

Like it clearly is now, when I just went back and looked tonight. Bizarro....
it appears some people have become very committed to their position.


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