What Casinos Will Go Under due to Pandemic and Recession? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 11, 2016
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Concord, CA
I sure hope this place closes first. I need a limit set of these snappers and $25s STAT.
I hope none go under, however rebranding to get a clean slate would be nice. Yeah the pun was intentional but for the employees I hope they don’t go under. However I think it will be a reality that quite a few don’t survive.
I wonder when MGM did their sale/leaseback analysis, they ever considered being on the hook for lease payments of $245M+ (for Bellagio only) with 0% occupancy.

Of all the vegas operators, i would think Phil Ruffin is probably in the tightest spot. I hope he makes it.
Wow, these are legit fantastic. Their isn't a bad apple in that bunch... and I think that may be my favorite modern $1 casino chip that I have seen. Are we sure these are in play because they are really harvest worthy. Plus shaped inlays on the rest! Boy oh boy.
I believe they are. The $1s are now produced in RHC, but this photo was posted this year.

And 2018.
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I wouldn't be surprised to see smaller casinos go under. The larger corporations are going to have the funds and/or connections to stay solvent. Las Vegas will survive because of the massive financial interests local, state and federal authorities have in preserving the tourism business there. I look at places like Illinois which expanded video gaming/slots a few years ago and allowed bars, restaurants, etc...to place gaming machines in their establishments. This has hurt the casinos there and the current situation could easily finish off some of the already weakened casinos.
I sure hope this place closes first. I need a limit set of these snappers and $25s STAT.

Anyone who's been to Mount Airy can tell you it has got one of the worst Poker rooms around. Everyone I know really despises it. A guy I play with at the Windcreek sometimes lives 5 minutes from that Casino in the Poconos, but he drives 40-50 Minutes to the Windcreek because the Poker room is that bad.
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I live in the UK were there aren't an abundence of casinos, but we're lucky around here. Dusk Till Dawn is very close to us which is owned by Rob Yong who is running online poker for Party Poker. They're paying their staff for at least 3 months, despite being closed. Guess there'll be casinos that aren't in as good of a position. I hate the thoughts of all those jobs going to such an incident.

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