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Sep 4, 2013
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Las Vegas
Since my 12 year old is not going to school next week and I have no sports to watch I just bought a Yoda lego set to do with my daughter.
I think a lot of people are going to be around the house quite a bit so I need some ideas on what you guys are doing with your spare time.

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Since I’m on PCF so much on the classifieds & forums...I’m going to pretend I have real life friends.
Nurse practitioner here, still will be going to work until we're told we can bill patient visits remotely, which I don't think is very far off.
IF I do have to stay home and am not in the hospital because I'm sick as a dog or dead, this is on the "to do list"

-Give the house a good, deep cleaning. I'm talking wipe down all even surfaces, countertops, table tops, wiping down all of my son's toys, mopping and sweeping the floors, vacuuming the carpets.

-Lightly clean and oil four racks of still chalky and untouched Key West CPC's from Dennis

-Play with and spend some quality time with my son

-Play a crap ton of Call of Duty

-Probably will end up caving and signing up for Pokerstars and playing in a PCF tournament or two.


-finish my CDI '98 cash set with a rack of $25 chips before the world economy really collapses and a week's worth of food costs $1000 or more instead of the usual $100 or so bill. If it gets to that point and widespread looting occurs, death doesn't really sound so bad.
I don't have extra time since the workload is about 50% more with distance learning. However with everything else here shuttered I'll work on some custom inlays or something.

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