Weekend at Barrie's II - Continental, SF Bay Area - April 26-30, 2023 (1 Viewer)


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Jun 2, 2018
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Bay Area
Weekend at Barrie's II - Continental SF Bay Area


The Continental is a neutral sanctuary for hitmen, chippers, assassins, and trolls alike. With locations across the world, members can often find safe haven wherever they are. Each year, members are invited to a grand tournament, only the winner walking away with a "marker", granting him free access to the following years tournament. We invite you to be our guest.

Dates Wednesday April 26th to Sunday April 30th 2023
Location Inner Bay & SF
Max Attendees 35

Continental is in the inner bay. Gated community with security. Food, hotels, etc. is all cheaper than Bay Area. Search "Hotels near 94505" and that should provide hotels in Brentwood, about a 5-10 minute drive from the house. Hosts are happy to carpool and shuttle folks. Hampton Inn/Holiday Inn/Best Western etc. all around.

Come as early as you like, host(s) will be off majority of the week. Host is happy to run airport pickups once to twice per day. Closest airport is Oakland. If it's substantially cheaper, SFO is 20-40 minutes further than Oakland.
SMF (Sacramento) and SJC (San Jose) are options too if they're somehow cheaper than OAK (Oakland). SFO (San Francisco) and OAK are going to be the most convenient airports to the Continental though. OAK is closer, but SFO is larger and have waaaaay more flights.

1. @BarrieJ3 (Host & Continental Owner)
2. @RocAFella1 (Host & TD)
3. @RichMahogany (Host & Tourguide)
4. @kmccormick100 (Literal Host for Warmup)

Attendees & arrival:
@quintooo Confirmed, local
@inca911 w/ a bed
@k9dr w/ a bed
@chrismurda Friday & Saturday at the least, local
@DirtyTIVA (If he's alive)
@Frogzilla (interested)
@Rieguy (Strong tentative yes)
@Saoliver (interest)
@JeepologyOffroad (Strong tentative yes)
@Schmendr1ck (tentative)
@Nuhockey (tentative)
@casinochipper22 (very interested)
@natumes (definitely interested)
@Lil Tuna (interested)
@Anthony Martino (following but can't commit)
@Rbonus012 (might try to make this work)
@Jonesey07 (50/50)
@buffalojim (definitely interested)
@shorticus (going to try and pitch to wife)
@aggie (definitely interested!)
@wonderpuddle (definitely interested, down as a maybe)
@Big Money
@ovo (main event)
@CacheCreekCollector +1 (main event)

Wednesday April 26th - Setup, Shuttling, & Shuffling
Will be available for shuttling folks most of the day as setup is being finished. Get settled in and head over to Continental After Hours for socializing and some cards. Grilling out burgers, brats, and dogs. Cash games to be determined, limit DC is always a house favorite.



Thursday April 27th - Waterworks & Warmup game at the Bicycle Shack. Renting a pontoon and taking off into the delta. Drop in is minutes from Continental. We'll stop at any of the waterside stops for lunch.

Poker that night at the Bicycle Shack. Pizza/wings/etc. for dinner. Games will depend on players, most likely to have hold em and DC table.



Friday April 28th Golf, Prison, and Circus - For any golfers, there is a private course about a stones throw away. A group will be heading out Friday morning (a host will lead the group). For those non golfers, we'll be taking a trip into the city for amazing food and self guided Alcatraz tour.

Friday Night Cash & Circus Tourney - All 5 tables will be open for games. Food truck (tacos and such) immediately outside front door through the afternoon and evening.


Circus Tourney @ 6 PM
$80 Buy-In. Game Rotation: God's Game / SheShe / Draw2maha / Scarney
Starting Stack, Blinds, and Pay Out TBD.

Meetups always plan the cash tables, but in the end it's always determined by the players. A group of local players here LOVE hold em only, another group LOVES circus games, anywhere from .25/.25 to a very large $1/1. Chances are, whatever you enjoy, it'll be available.

Saturday April 29th Main Event, Continental in SF
Breakfast at Monica's on the water.


Saturday Main Event - After breakfast, heading into the city for the Main Event Deep Stack. Being held at a private location, the Continental has never been so snazzy. And of course, we'll be utilizing RPC 43 mm set.

Venue: TBD




Sunday - Cash and Departures
There is sure to be much food, drink, and poker left to consume, but we know our guests can't remain safe at the Continental forever. Drink, eat, and gamble as you wish, we can provide some shuttling, but will be cleaning up come afternoon.
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Nov 22, 2018
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129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5B
You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and a smile. That being said, sponsorships are always welcome.

Just post in thread and we’ll track here.

In-House Guests
We're currently sleeping 6 chippers with Hosts/Locals shacking up to make room for others.

At this time, we have room for one last Queen air mattress (I've been told it's rather comfy) and the Master.

Master BR is set aside for chipper and spouse or a couple, 2 chippers who don't mind snuggling, someone with access limitations (it's main floor), or a chipper of the female persuasion.

Some of last years swag and prizes. This events trophies and prizes are currently in the making.
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Nov 22, 2018
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129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5B
Very tempting, especially since I used to live just down the road (Livermore), and I haven't seen the old place in twenty years.

Put me down as interested, but I won't be sure until later this year when I run the numbers on PTO, vacation budget, and prior commitments.
I love Livermore. That was actually our preferred location for purchasing a house, but a bit too pricey nowadays.

Overdue for a walk down main street and a bite at clucked!
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