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Jul 2, 2015
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I've been trying to find the pink, blue, yellow, and black colored chips from the All-In chip company. If anyone knows where I can buy these, please let me know!


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Those are actually pretty good chips. I'd rate them in the same league as netgens, much better than dice chips and nothing close to Paulson, etc.

I do not think they are still on the market and haven't been for years. eBay or classified seem like the best hope.

Check the dumpsters behind Spinetti's and Gamblers' General Store. :cool:
Now now, be nice :). I found boxes and boxes of Bogle Phantom at the grocery store the other day btw. I will have to send a pic to taunt you :p.
I'm sure there are higher quality chips out there, but I actually like the feel of the All-In chips I already have. What I'm hoping for is to find someone who has some that they no longer want or use.
Try posting a WTB ad both here and on ChipTalk. Daily checks of eBay listings and craigslist ads across the country probably worth a try too.

The chips (and company) have long been gone, and I don't know a single person who has a set. I think I have ~one~ sample chip laying around somewhere. Best of luck to you in your quest, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for adding on at this point.
I actually won a set of these years ago in a contest via Bluff Magazine. They did a fantasy poker thing (kinda like fantasy football, where you pick players and then their results earn you points, etc)

I came in 2nd (first place in the contest was admission to a Howard Lederer Poker Boot Camp, lol!) and won the set of All-in Chips. I remember they had like this rubbery sort of coating on the outside that gave them a nicer feel than standard dice chips. I don't have them anymore though, sold them ages ago.
Thank you for the replies! I thought it was a long shot. I'll just keep my eyes open on E-bay.
Thank you Zippity. That is actually the set I already have. I was hoping that since Overstock was selling them I'd be able to find the other colors I know they made.
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