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For Sale Vintage B&G Roulette Jetons Casino Set & 4 Plaques + Spécial leather case (Ultra rare) (1 Viewer)

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Feb 1, 2018
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Vintage souvenir original B&G french Roulette Jetons set from the " Cassis Casino " (Marseille area France) in a special (and wonderful) custom case.

Big Wood case (51cm / 27.5cm) with a key lock (present inside) covered in a dark grey leather. Perfect condition. Made custom by the designer / couturier & tanner" Hector Saxe (Paris) to accommodate the jetons and plaques in very specific compartments. According to my research it was a gift for the casino manager by the group, so there wouldn't be any other complet sets like this. Certainly only one. Everything is vintage, the case has spent some time in a cellar and smells a bit old when opened, we can also clean some jetons, however I don't touch anything, stored as such and never touched or played since.

The jetons date from two periods (re-edit) from " Franc " money, but are similar in their values / color and size (the denom's are a little bigger on the old chips, also on the plaques), there is no value on it, but it's french franc jetons. All with a central " lunette " (transparent area) with serial number. Some jetons are more worn than others almost like new, but everything has been sorted and there are no broken or burnt item. The 4 plaques are also different, there is 2 x 5000 and 2 x 10K from 2 periods. One of the 10K plaque (130x90cm) is light brown / honey and completely transparent. The other 10K is géant size (138x96). Plaques are in a perfect condition mint.

I could break the set and sell in sample more expensive, a single jeton of 500 / 1000 sells between 20€ and 30€ each for collection, and the plaques at least 100€ ea. minimum, the case must cost at least 500€ to manufacture. But that would be silly, so and I don't want to break the set.

At the chipGuide : http://chipguide.themogh.org/cg_chip2.php?id=FRCA12

Conditions : Bank transfer / Paypal friend or normal service (recommended by PCF) + 3.6% charge for you.
Ship Europa +/- 35€ - Oversea +/- 55€ ($60). - Contact me for more informations.
New Price = $1500 (usd)

Breakdown :
5's (Light pink - 36mm) = 43 x
10's (Blue / Green - 36mm) = 43 x
20s (Red - 36mm) = 43 x
50's (Canary - 50mm) = 35 x
100's (Salmon - 50mm) = 70 x
200's (White/Cream - 51mm) = 35 x
500's (Pink - Géant 60mm) = 30 x
1000's (Blue - Géant 60mm = 30 x
5K Plaque V1 Green 125x84cm = 1 x
5K Plaque V2 Green 125x88cm = 1 x
10K Plaque V1 Brown-honey / Transparency 130x90cm = 1 x
10K Plaque V2 Light Brown 138x96cm = 1 x

Total = 329 jetons + 4 plaques

Thank you for watching !

CassisSet 010.jpg
CassisSet 09b.jpg
CassisSet 08.jpg
CassisSet 07.jpg
CassisSet 06.jpg
CassisSet 05.jpg
CassisSet 03.jpg
CassisSet 02.jpg
CassisSet 01.jpg
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