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Apr 13, 2015
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Minneapolis, MN
Been a lurker for a while, but figured I'd sign up as I'm getting back into chip collecting. I host a monthly game in the Twin Cities (Maple Grove), and have built a small 1.1k+ Vineyard set over the years. I'm looking to fill it out to cover more cash game players and for tourney play.

$0.50 100 Real
$1 400 Real
$5 200 Real

$10 100 Blue Chip Clay Commemoratives
$20 100 BCC (need another rack)
$100 100 BCC (need another rack)
$500 50 BCC
$1000 50 BCC

PCF Group Buy Dealer Button (need another)

My current immediate goals are to get another rack each of $20 BCC and $100 BCC + another Vineyard group buy dealer button. I didn't buy enough a decade ago when the Commemoratives came out. I will probably need to organize a group buy on the button, if I can get the old artwork files. My nice-to-have longer-term goals are to get another rack of $0.50 Real + $10 BCC.

If you see or have something, thanks in advance for giving me a heads-up!

Welcome! I've posted a couple want ad's in the classifieds and the community here has been awesome.
Welcome to PCF! Good to see another Minnesotan. Are you a part of the Mpls Rounders or do you have a group of buddies you host a monthly game with?

If you feel like playing a cash game in Woodbury let me know, I host a small monthly game.
Welcome to Poker Chip Forum!
Welcome! I just recently signed up and posted a "wanted" ad and got replies right away! everyone here is cool and I'm sure you'll have good luck with your want ad!
Figured out how to add an avatar. This is the most outrageous Vineyard collection pic I've ever come across. Drool....
I now have all the Vineyards and BCC Vineyards I was hunting, and picked up extras along the way that I may be selling. Drop me a line if you are looking for something, and I may be able to help.
Thanks for the welcome! After a few months on PCF, all my needs for real Vineyards, BCC Vineyards, and Vineyard accessories (i.e., dealer button) have been filled. My only Vineyard needs now are more $0.50s (and maybe a rack of $2s). I don't think you can have too many $0.50s! PCF was so helpful, I'm now looking to move the extras. Much appreciated

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