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Apr 5, 2013
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Very exciting news A WINNER IS FOUND

A order of chips I placed a while ago and had shipped to my US addy has made it north of the border and I am going past my buddies house who picked them up

I am very excited for my minty fresh chips to meet there new home
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Bubble -- Tell us more! What did you get? And from whom? The Chiproom? ASM? Apache?

Can't wait for the photos!
Well I have an idea
Contest time is here
Winner will receive what is in the brown package plus something we all will or could us 5 poker chip protectors shipped to your location

I will get a pic up ASAP
I guess we need a few rules

One guess per day starting now no editing a post with a guess in it

To win you to guess the origin ( place I bought them from) and the name of the chips

So I guess hint one will be they are not customs
I will give a hint every day at this time until we have a winner
This is cool! hmmmmm.
Paulson James Bond Casino de Isthmus chips on the Paulson Chips mold from Apache poker chipes.

My guess for today...
photo.jpgyay me i manage to make a photo appear
Mardi Gras Chips from HPC?
So I guess it is hint time

This hint is going to be a bit of a back story to why I bought them. I play in a poker league that had been established for about five years before I joined and when I did join they were playing on a plastic picnic table with DICE CHIPS. I had a nice set of custom ceramics but didn't want them to play on a plastic table with no edge so I bought a table and we started to play with the ceramics but we got a lot of they are too slippery. So while I had the chance I bought these as a travel set

GL to every one
Private Cardroom Paulson Chips from Apache
photo (4).jpgphoto (3).jpg here are the chips

and the prize


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    photo (5).jpg
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390 -25
150- 500
40- 5000
I based the set on a 30 player 15k start with 12-7-4-7-1 stacks with plans to expand to 40 player 20k in future
Haven't got the next one scheduled yet been busy and have a few tourneys run by others coming up

Ill get some in action pics up as soon as we have a game

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