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Nov 7, 2014
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Anybody check out one of these, yet?

Ah, yes - but that & associated stuff was mostly about the 500. As in, nobody seems to have laid hands on the 1000, only the 500, which looks like this:

justsomedude over at CT has the 1000. Short review, but very positive. You could ask @BGinGA to make an introduction. They're super buddies ;)
I have no issues with him. I think he might even have an account here.
I have no issues with him. I think he might even have an account here.

Huh, you're right. Someone has that account at least.

The chip tray arrangement on the 1000 is pretty different. Are those covered compartments outside the two slots for cards?
FWIW I have several different cases and while they are great for transporting they can be annoying to use. The biggest issue is the long 50+ chip rows often don't hold a consistent number of chips and can make it difficult to verify all the chips are there at the end of the night. Racks/boxes solve both those problems. A cage or Pelican case that holds racks is likely less hassle.
i would blow my brains out if i had to use that 1000-chip case. with that row arrangement, i'd rather just throw them in a fucking plastic bag.
i have one.... i don't unlike it :)

holding 100 chips in each row is a nice feature... but i recently switched over to a pelican case - it holds 1000 chips in their racks

i'd give the nod to the pelican
Birdcage or 'plastic bag' for me.
But I guess if your not one to care about showing off your chips and you have a bunch to move then these seem good. Not sure about the lay out of the 1000 though. Eeek
The row arrangement is definitely unusual, but I've gotten used to juggling what's in my case, of late, depending on what game is coming up next (or where I'm heading to), which is why I'm considering upgrading to something sturdier and bigger.

And maybe it's the dealer in me, but I'm more comfortable pulling chips from racks and counting stacks at a table than moving racks around.

It might partly be because I'm never in two-table situations, so nobody is trying to move a lot of chips between tables... and partly because I'm just not doing much in the way of tourneys, with lots of buy-ins for the same amount at the same time. If you're buying in and cashing out people one at a time, racks don't seem like much help, to me.
I have two of these. Very pleased with them. These are *much* more sturdily-constructed than your standard aluminum case. I know, that isn’t saying much. But the build quality is particularly noticeable in the handle and the latches, which have always been a problem area on previous cases I’ve owned.

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