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SOLD Venerati 1400 Chip Set (1 Viewer)

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Feb 15, 2022
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Imperial, MO
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Hi everyone, upgrading to CPC Rounders so looking to sell my set of Veneratis. These are very lightly used. All denominations except for the two racks of $.25c chips were purchased in 2013, so they have the original quality. The racks of $.25s were bought in 2019 and look very good in quality as well (maybe I got a good batch?). I have receipts for everything that I can share proving the dates if you PM me. See below for quantities. There is enough to be used for tournaments and can handle cash games from $.25/$.25 through $1/$2. I can take more pictures upon request. Racks not included.

$.25 - qty 200
$1 - qty 400
$5 - qty 300
$25 - qty 100
$100 - qty 200
$500 - qty 100
$1000 - qty 75
$5000 - qty 25

If someone will take the entire set, I’ll do $500 plus shipping for it all (CONUS only). Looking to get $.40c/chip plus shipping if I end up splitting. Would prefer to keep the set together but will consider splitting it up if it sits. Or could split the cash and tourney sets ($.25-half the $25’s) / (other half $25s-$5000) if there’s interest.

Will take dibs for the entire set only since I’m not sure if I want to break it up yet.

PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo for payment

Thanks for looking!


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