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Mar 20, 2023
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Las Vegas, NV
The Bellagio has $1 blue chips with gold hot stamps. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I only find like 1 of these chips per rack of 100. If you play poker you can ask the other players to check through their stacks for one. Bally's went under a remodel and they are now the Horseshoe. They have a cozy little poker room over there with brand new chips. You can always pick up some of those. Resorts World has nice chips as well since they are relatively new. I really like the Mandalay Bay $1 blue chips the most of any standard $1 chip. A stack or rack of those are worthy of a trip. The Venetian has cool $2 lime green chips you can easily get from the cage. Only thing about the Venetian is that the chips will most likely be filthy lol. Resorts World and Mandalay Bay have some of the cleanest chips you can get from circulation in my experience.

If you find yourself needing food at a ridiculous hour, the Grand Luxe cafe in the Venetian is delicious and affordable as compared to many other Strip restaurants that are overpriced. They are open 24/7.
If you like all you can eat sushi, I recommend Sushi Neko off the strip. $30 per person.
If you like all you can eat steak, Texas de Brazil in Town Square is great! More like $60-80 per person.
Bellagio Buffet is one of my favorites! Wicked Spoon in the Cosmo is amazing as well. Avoid the MGM Grand Buffet (they are more affordable, but everything is meh/undercooked). South Point has the best bang for your buck buffet deal with Prime Rib.

If you want to play table games on a budget, I recommend off strip hotels. Many strip hotels are now $25 during the day, and nice ones like the Bellagio definitely go up to $50 minimum on busy evenings such as the entire week you are here (March Madness has been crazy). The Orleans is great for $10 min options like double deck blackjack.

All of the full pay video poker machines are off the strip for the most part and they do not comp you for your play.

I've heard great things about most of the Cirque du Soleil shows and the Michael Jackson One show at Mandalay Bay.

Any Strip Club is a waste of money... Think of the chips you could've brought home!

I hope you got value from one of my suggestions. I don't actually know what you like to do, so I hit you with a ton of random things I enjoy lol.

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