Vegas Trip August 19th to 24th- Where do I need to play? (1 Viewer)

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Aug 8, 2013
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Just booked a Vegas trip with 3 of my buddies for August 19th to the 24th.

We're staying at the Flamingo. One of my buddies stayed there last year and said it was decent enough and certainly the price couldn't be beat. 430 per person for 2 rooms!

I plan to play lots of poker and I'm wondering what casinos I should play at?

I am not a high roller so I'd prefer low stakes games. I can't drop 1k at a sitting or anything. I'm hoping to find places to buy in for 200 to 400.

Also any places I need to eat at?

Planning to visit the Neon museum, Mob Museum, and the Atomic History museum hopefully.
Hash house to eat for sure.

Fri night - Bally's - ask the floor if Phil is playing. Sit at his table. Do shots. Have time of your life. Anyone who has played at Bally's, knows Phil.
I like Aria the best - nice room, great action, and top shelf service. You can play 1/3 NL and buy in for $200 and feel comfortable.
I like Aria the best - nice room, great action, and top shelf service. You can play 1/3 NL and buy in for $200 and feel comfortable.

Agreed - Aria's room is great and is probably my favorite place to play. Flamingo is nice for the convenience and should have plenty of $1/$2 NL options and several lower stakes Limit options if that's your thing. I've heard/read decent things about Caesar's new room but haven't been there. Venetian is also pretty nice.

Check out Poker Atlas. I found it to be pretty accurate when I was out there in February but some info was out of date.
In my many experiences, Aria has fewer donks on average. Best if you like solid play. 1/3 NL may be steep for your bankroll.

Flamingo is solid 24 hour play of 1/2 NL. In the evenings/early morning, the drinking pays off handsomely, but there will be the occasional huge 2 outer that cuts into your wins. Don't chase that money away. "Buy" him another drink and work the chips back into your stack.

Caesars moved their room, but it is still worthwhile. Well run games, more good players than bad, but a good mix at 1/2 or limit. Fits your roll well.

The Wynn is one of my favorite rooms, but it's a stroll in the August heat and is also dealing 1/3. Bring water for your walk.

The Venetian has a nice room as well, but I cannot support putting any rake money into Sheldon Adelson's pocket, as he will turn around and use it to prevent online poker in the US (and to ban it in places where it is now legal in the US).

All (except Flamingo) run decent tourneys as well.

Food options vary depending on costs and distance you are willing to travel.
Earl of Sandwich: $11 at Planet Hollywood - The cheapest you will find for a good lunch on the strip, and right next to the poker room. I have not seen the poker room in this new location (will see it later this month) so I cannot comment on or recommend more than the sandwiches... yet.
Hash House: $17 at Linq - stupid big amounts of food
Battista's Hole in the Wall $23 on Linq lane, behind Flamingo/Cromwell - Classic Vegas Italian with unlimited wine (it's not rot-gut).
Ellis Island Cafe on Koval lane - get a player's card, play $1 on a machine (they have 9/6 JoB video poker), get a full (sirloin) steak dinner with micro-brew for $11.
Also agree on Poker Atlas. Also a good idea to download the Bravo poker app. It ties directly into the wait system in all the good rooms so you know (without walking or calling multiple joints) what to expect as far as wait times or what games are currently being dealt.
Awesome advice everyone. I appreciate the tips and info. Keep it coming! Is it August yet?!?
Addendum: Flamingo is currently running a freeroll promotion. This means an extra rake being taken to build a pot that you will not (likely) partake in. Just FYI, because I still find the game beatable over the extra rake, but it may not be your cup of tea.

Vegas in July for me and 6 other guys. Probably no poker, but I'm digging the food recommendations.
The new location for the poker room at PH is right in front of Earl of Sandwich. In fact, at one table I played at I felt like I was sitting in line. :eek:
re: flamingo regardless of any promotion, most poker rooms take a jackpot drop to fund promos. Very few do not.

Rakes are discussed here:

Lots of people recommend Earl of Sandwich but I wasn't impressed. Le Burger between Ballys and Paris is very good and you can a) usually get a $5 coupon when you check into any Caesar's property b) use any accumulated comps on your Total Rewards card there. You are going to get $1 per hour for playing at any Caesar's property so make sure you get a players card. So the $1 per hour basically compensates you for the $1 extra rake at the Flamingo. If you don't use your comps for food, then hand them your card when you check out and reduce your hotel bill.

Another dirt cheap place for a quick breakfast sandwich is in the food court at Flamingo, which also takes your card.

Ellis Island is a must. One block off strip, directly behind Ballys. Easily walkable from Flamingo. If you don't want steak then the BBQ is also highly recommended (separate restaurant beside the sportsbook). You don't need to play anything, you just need a players card. Low stakes craps there too. It is also a brewery and the beer is excellent, even the house made root beer is unbelievable.

Hash House pork sammy (Hash House also takes Total Reward comps)


Chicken Waffles


Bread pudding


Ellis Island BBQ

I agree with nearly everything posted. I personally like Aria>Venetian>Wynn as my 3 favorite rooms considering all factors. The Wynn and Aria are the best in town in terms of dealer quality, and the Venetian offers the best mix of (lower stake) games, but I would rank the quality of the competition as Wynn>>Aria>Venetian. I have played at 1/3 and 2/5 at the Wynn more than once when I was the only tourist at the table. Poker is generally more fun and more profitable if there are at least two drunk tourists at the table. Your odds of that are best at Venetian and worst at the Wynn.

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