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Mar 27, 2013
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Tonight my girlfriend and I are headed to a local chocolate company for a champagne and chocolate tasting. They are going to have a DJ and a letterpress machine so you can make your own Valentine's Day cards.

Then tomorrow night we're having dinner at a Peruvian ceviche restaurant and going to see some stand up comedy.

What about you guys?
My girlfriend and I are going to Jensen's Supper Club and then out to a movie.
She is working tomorrow and I'll be working my 3rd straight 16hr shift tomorrow. (Snow and ice causes lots of work for us.) So we will go out to dinner on Monday since we both have off.
We are going to be enjoying a day off together with our newly completed family
Almost 20 years into this shindig . . . wife and I are touring a post secondary school with our daughter, then a visit with my Dad. Tonight, I will be breaking up the ice in my eaves to prevent any ice dam leaking. Gotta keep that excitement going.

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