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Apr 5, 2015
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My wife and I have vacationed nearly every year for the past 15 years in Jamaica at some nicer resorts. Since covid we’ve decided we might stay in country. We like quieter low key places on the ocean- don’t need to go in the ocean, just a relaxing sunset each day to get drunk and high to. No kids, god not a giggle or a scream. I don’t like high rises, looking for 2-3 stories max. Smaller resort/boutique hotel. Do not need activities- my ideal vacation is get up at 6:30 am check business emails, finish up work before 7:00 find a chair by myself and smoke half a joint and chill in the sun until my wife makes herself look fabulous. We then maybe get brunch maybe do nothing. Do lunch at 2-ish and dinner whenever smoke a bit more or enjoy cocktails until we retire for the night. Looking to spend about $1000-1200 night. Anyone have a great low key place for a February get away?

I’ve been searching online and it’s overwhelming and my searches never seem to stay within parameters.
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