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Don Clay

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Apr 24, 2013
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Hi all,

I could search this answer on my own, sure, but I though it would be interesting to get your advices on this !

I've done a great trip with my father, when I was a kid in 1986 (landing in Los Angeles from Paris, then driving to Las Vegas and Chicago, via Denver and Saint Louis).

I intend to visit the south this time, especially Florida and Louisiana and perhaps a flight from Louisiana to Las Vegas,

I remember that we found easily motels on the road, but I can't remember if they were expensive or not.

How much should I expect to pay for some standard motel for one night only and without any reservation ?

Thanks if any "buddy" can answer me, any suggestions would be welcome also !

My son and I take a road tip to Alabama (from Michigan) every few years. If we get tired, we stop. No reservations. If you're just looking for a bed. 50-75 bucks a night.

If you run across a "Country Inn and Suites" I recommend staying there. You will pay a little more (80-120). The breakfast is awesome. Its a combination of hot/cold breakfast. Eggs, Waffles, Biscuits and gravy once. Then cereal, yogurt, ect.....Its worth paying a little more imo to be able to wake up and have a decent breakfast vs checking out, and then finding a place to eat.

Good luck on your trip. Post a Trip Report when you done.

I can usually find a comfortable motel in a small town along the highway for $100-$150. If you have a smart phone, or can stop somewhere with wifi, it's really easy to compare rates as you travel. Holidays and events might cause you some problems. The Florida Panhandle in the summer might be pretty full. In New Orleans or Miami, you'll need to spend some more time to get a good location at a good deal. What month are you looking at?

Anything you want to hit for sure? New Orleans is great, one of my favorite cities. There's plenty of places to enjoy the beach. You could stop at Orlando for the theme parks or Cape Canaveral if you're interested in the space race. Could be fun as a francophone to get into the deep Cajun country of Louisiana as well.

Country Inn and Suites, La Quinta and Holiday Inn Express are typically good bets for a decent breakfast, clean room and good sense of security.
Thanks very much to both of you,
I would come in May 2015 or 2016, don't know yet,
with my wife, we'd love to visit the keys, le bayou (don't know the english word) and new Orleans for sure,
if my project becomes real, I'll post there and ask more infos, maybe for a local poker room,
Well, the area around the Mississippi River Delta in New Orleans and the Atchafalaya basin is conveniently called "the bayou". The wetlands in south Florida are the Everglades. You can tour both by airboat, I think. That's a long drive, for sure. Laissez le bon temps roulez.
If you are going to plan ahead you can use and bid on hotels. If you are going to freewheel it then any rest stop along the highway will have hotel coupon books that are organized by city or you can look at the coupons online at

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