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May 18, 2015
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Have a bunch of Aztar's for sale as well as some generic roulette Paulson's, some redecaled chips to look like Aztars, and a ton of leftover casino one offs. Figured I would throw them on here to see if anyone was interested in any of them

the stacks are: 80 Aztar primary 5's, 13 Aztar primary 1's, 160 primary Aztar 2.50's, 20 rethemed to Aztar 10's, and 10 Eureka 25 cent orange/peach color chips rethemed as Aztar 1k's...these were bought uncirculated and are in great shape.

Shoot me a reasonable offer and we can go from there . Bunch of tokens too including the Luxor set of seven. Would prefer to ship US only though Canada is cool too :) I'll just put any large amount in a USPS priority box

Open to trades for Aztar primary (dark purple) 500's, some secondaryAztar 100's (black with orange and aqua stripes), maybe a few 1000's of Aztar secondary (green stripes with blue), of course the Missouri Aztar 50 centers (even though I really don't need them per another thread), looking for a Mirage $5 chip from when they opened as well as an Excalibur $5 from when they first opened. Finally looking for some (10 or under) paulson high roller 100k chips or Pauolson Private cardroom 10k chips (yellow with pink and purple stripes) ....the wanted chips are in the thumbnail with yellow chips


View attachment 12268 chips_all.jpg chips_aztar.jpg chips_aztar2.jpg
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PM sent for the Atlantis BJ chips, the Luxor tokens, and a few others.
I'd like to personally thank Guiness (Tim) for squawking about using the 2.50's as $250 in a tournament, using the Eureka quarters as 1000's (I had a real Aztar 1000 as a card holder), and using 2.50's or $25's as quarters in a cash game....... now I am spending more money than I am selling these for :)
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[QUOTE="now I am spending more money than I am selling these for :)[/QUOTE]

this is funny part of it for all of us :)
Atlantis chips - (4) 1's, 2.50, and 5 are sold, the Flamingo token is sold, the Luxor tokens are sold, and (30) 2.50 aztars and all the aztar 1's are sold.

Still have (130) Aztar 2.50's left, (50) Aztar 5's, (37) dark blue generic paulsons, (20) aztar 10's (rethemed Pausons), (10) Aztar 1000's (rethemed Eureka quarters), and all those other one off chips and tokens. Make a reasonable offer or trade for some other Aztar denominations

taking offers on the chips. Shoot me a fair offer and they are yours (what's left of them which is most of it). Also willing to do trades. Pictures of the chips I am looking for in trade are below. :)

Shipping is USPS flat rate box so its $5.95. If you buy only a small amount, we can go the padded envelope route which is around $3. US only right now (and Canada I can do, shipping will be more)

aztar_50cent.jpg aztar_100secondary.jpg aztar_500primary.jpg paulson_avalon.PNG Paulson_highroller.PNG paulson_privateroom.PNG aztar1k.jpg
here is the updated pictures of what is left (I X'd out all the sold chips, which is hard to see in the thumbnails) ...... someone bought all of the blue $1 chips and some of the Aztars are gone

chips_all.jpg chips_aztar.jpg
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