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Jan 19, 2014
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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Just got my reorder of Matsui Zen chips today. Mucho thanks to @derekdd23 for organizing this group buy, all his hard work and expert packing. Chips and chip cases arrived in perfect condition today. I was one of the original buyers of Zen 15 years ago and I've always regretted not ordering more but now I'm satiated ( until the next group buy). People have complained over the years that Matsuis are slippery. The smooth coated Matsuis have been slippery. These however are different. The Zens have a texture to them and handle just great, stack like bricks and shuffle great. Thanks again Derek you are the man!
IMG_2333 (2).JPG

IMG_2334 (2).JPG

IMG_2337 (Edited).JPG

IMG_2340 (Edited) (2).JPG

Mine arrived a day early. They are really quite fantastic. The print quality is just amazing. They are more slippery than clay chips, obviously, but these are the least slick Matsui chips I’ve handled. Super impressed with the clarity of the inlay printing.

And the plaques are out of this world good. I understand they are 3-4 times as expensive as other options, but there is simply no comparison to Matsui plaque quality.

Big thanks to @derekdd23 for crushing this group buy.
Oh, and those non-denomination, metal bounty chips are insane! The feel is fantastic. Great detail.

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