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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
hey everyone... Hopefully I can get some great feedback here. I have a plan in action but could maybe tighten some things up..

I am looking to get 440-450 chips in the FDL set. $1, $5, $20 and $100 (although the hundo will be mainly for show and some 'safety bank')

I am pretty well set on the 1,5 and 20 colors and spots but I really want to make sure the hundo is spot on...if anyone has any other color schemes or patterns I could try let me know. Obviously bright white is $1 and the blacks are the $100s

My idea is bright bright bright and more bright.. and very lively. Now I broke free from the 614/814 pattern with the hundo.. not sure if thats best idea?



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Are you sure the blues in the 1 and 5 aren't a little too similar? I love the 1 and the 20. For the 100 I would worry that if the blue is too dark it will disappear a bit and the chip might appear to have an off-centre spot, particularly if it matches the inlay (if that is going to be white). How about a bit of red and green, which you haven't used elsewhere?

thanks. going to change around a few things again today.. as in the 1 and 100. the 5 and 20 are not going anywhere

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

better 1? and no hundo.. (again it would be more for show so not really needed)


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I prefer the new 1 with that 5. As much as I like the 20 as it is I would be tempted to stick with the 614/814 pattern now it's the odd one out.

Nah...the 20 is the pinnacle show piece.. got to go up multi levels.. level 6 ftw

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

I guess everyone is pretty content with how they look? not much activity in here... I think they are great as is now but still pondering whether or not to get a 100 thrown in there for 'show'. Or even adding a frac for down the line if I want to use the set as a .50/.50 game. hmm


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I would plan on future proofing your set, things change. I vote for the first one.
Future-proof = inflation. Get the Hundo. Someday, you may have some real degens show up, and while cash could play, it's just not pretty.
I can always add on later if they bring the FDL back. to put on a .50 piece

I think a really nice inlay will help make this set come to life and really pop. I will be more than likely contacting J5.

What does everyone think for inlay color? light? dark? other?

Dont have a clue what I will be naming it... I am leaning towards a elegant and classy name/look. maybe something Mediterranean etc

Instead of the great set 'hitching post', I could go with 'scratching post' since I have two rescue cats haha.. But there goes the serious and classy inlay part :)

'Huron Poker' 2.0 I am not that fond of.. I want to redo my table felt to something darker and more simple...

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

got this I think down pat now... anyone see any issues here or can make any last min suggestions?

I personally love it....


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nope.. thats next. Going to contact J5 but I still need a theme

I was thinking 'the mayfair club'. Seeing how my last name is May. Iconic NY poker room back in the day... But I dont know.. Dont want to rush this part

but dark or light inlays for these chips??
My take:
$1 6a14 bright white, retro red, imp. Blue
$5 6a14 dg peach, black, dg green. Not sure how light blue will show up.
$20 like it as is but would change base to lavender not purple if you're going for bright. Purple mocks up much differently than irl.
$100 I like the latest 312318 but use bright white

Light or dark inlays: either could work depending on design. I'd prolly favor black to show off chip colors.
Thanks I'll look into all that later on

I do like your ideas.. yours are on the top Courage.

I think the light blue will come out ok.. but see what others think?
and as for the lav/purple... I have both samples here and I think the purple has the deeper impact of both.. of course I am honoring the 'le boudoir' 20 for this chip and it looks like it came out great. Same with the 10 chip and the light blue.

If anyone other chip gurus on here have any last more thoughts I am all open to it



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I like the latest iteration of courage chips. Only change I might make is using gray vs charcoal on the hundo (brighter), or make it a charcoal chip with black/bright-white spots (also brighter) - which would also look a lot better if you go with black inlays (my preference for this set).
I think I would prefer a lighter inlay.. might do a poll later on about that on here

Here is Courages colors on the one but back to the old pattern... and the reversed 100.

I think I am going to leave it as purple though for the base 20. A lot deeper color looking at both lav and purple now in front of me.

Still not 100% sold on the DG green in place of the light blue for the $5. hmmmm have to really give that some thought


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Here are a few alternate $5's to consider, along with my personal preferences for the set.

thanks everyone for your input. I have done up 3 variations which can be of course mix'n matched. But these are the 3 I like the most.

I really think I am a big fan of the bottom row but I have changed my mind about the purple to lavender. I do now think the lav is a little nicer with those two colors. the $ will stay dg peach/black and light blue for now. The DG green just isnt a strong as the blue to make it my top choice....the blue appeals to me more pretty much.

The $1, I honestly am in a toss up between the bright white/ret red/imp blue mix and the bright white/dg green/ret blue. They are both rather impressive imo.

The 100 will stay as is.

I have just put down my deposit on the mold but I still have time to make small adjustments to the line up. I would love as much input as possible especially on the $1

thanks again

EDIT; latte added entry of the white/DGgreen/imp blue combo.. mmmmmmmmm no?


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I like the middle row best. The retro blue on the $1 is too dark, which sort of makes it blend with the rest of the set, the $1 with the imperial blue and retro red really sets it apart as it's own unique chip.

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