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Aug 24, 2021
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Looking to model an unconventional set of cash chips in the following denominations.

I know I'd like most if not all of them florescent or very bright.
Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Lighter Florescent Blue, Maybe yellow and purple too.
What denom would you make for what color and what spot/accent color?
I've played around with Design software for a few hours now and I'm even more confused. Everything looks good but doubt they would function together well without making dirty stacks how I originally thought I'd color the spots.

Does anyone have any of these denomination chips or even better a similar set I might copy or get ideas from?
A while back I saw a lime green $2 chip on here somewhere that I absolutely loved. I wish I knew what the rest of the set looked like or what post it was in.
Playing $1/2 with only 50c and $2 chips? lol
Plan on playing 1c/2c micro stakes mixed games with $2 min, $5 max buy in.
Also 10c/20c mixed games with $2 max bet and typical $20 or $40 buy in.
We play a lot of crazy games with lots of betting rounds.
6-1/2, 26-1/2 or 7 card no peek being two examples people may have heard of. Pots will still be plenty big. Many times they were too big when we played $5 max bets so lowering to $2 with 10c or 20c ante instead of 25c should keep the game a little more pocket friendly.

Still have the typical denom set for use at a different table or different night for any negative nancies.

I know I've seen these chips in denoms I'm looking for, but I'd like to see an actual working set. Somebody has got to be nutz like me.
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Bullenrunde komprimiert-1.jpg

100x .10
300x .50
120x €2
60x €10
20x €50

We play .10/.20 and .30/.50 and I love the breakdown. :)
it's your set, make them any color you want. I would get all the colors together, then put them in the lineup and see what looks best, picking my favorite colors for the workhorse chip and see what flows best.
In practice, adding a couple contrasting/darker colors into the lineup may prove helpful. Others with primarily dayglo sets can probably clarify how much it matters in play.
Protégé supplemental denominations were unconventional denominations, and mostly bright colors that seem to align with yours. The $2 was tan and brown though, so I stick with the $2.5 chip:


There are pics of most of the Protégé (Protege) denominations in this thread, if you want to get a feel for how other colors might mix in:



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