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Uncirculated VINEYARD CASINO POKER CHIP (1 Viewer)


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Dec 8, 2013
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Fresno, Ca
I have eight poker chips on eBay, 50cent, $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $100 and the hard to find $500. These poker chips came from the Vineyard Casino located in Fowler,Ca it was open in 1996 and closed within 1 year. My brother and sister inlaw bought the casino after it closed and turn it into the Vineyard Church, it still had all the tables, cards, poker chips, exc. these are all original and uncirculated if anyone is interested, Thanks
Got anything else from there? Most of the chips were bought by one person and sold many years ago.

I added a few of your eBay links for you. :) I think you are asking too much for some of them. The complete sample set goes for around $250 - $300.
(You are missing the $25 and other versions of the $100 and .50 chips)

The $500 is about right though. I would add the option to accepts offers with your listings. I bet a few will come in on the $10 and $500 chips for sure. In any case, good luck with the sale.

[eBay=181279119468][/eBay] [eBay=181279148360][/eBay]
[eBay=181279146969][/eBay] [eBay=181279146235][/eBay]
lol @ the $45 bid on the hundo....that person must be desperate or dumb (or both). congrats i guess? lol
I have a feeling the $10 chip will get sniped.

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