SOLD [UK/EU] The Bank CC 599pc Set

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Sep 27, 2020
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Cologne, Germany
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599 the bank china clay chips

Those chips have never been felted and have just been taken out of their boxes to clean off the factory dust and a light oiling to make those beautiful colors pop.

I got these back in September 2020 when I started my chipping journey and have since replaced them with several thousand dollars worth of paulsons because I'm a freaking chip addict now. :D

224x blue 10 (one arrived with a factory defect)
100x pink 50
100x black 100
25x yellow 1000
50x purple blanks (lables/sticker removed)
100x green blanks (lables/sticker removed)

I was gonna relable the greens as 500 and the purple as 5000 but since these will probably never see play at my game I did not finish the project and wanna give another chipper a chance to enjoy a great starter set.
The chips look and feel amazing. They have a great sound when shuffled and those colors pop.

I paid around €370 with shipping and import taxes and am willing to let them go for
Pricedrop: €200 €190+ shipping

Only shipping to Europe / UK right now, since packages from Germany to the USA take around 2 months due to covid atm and I don't wanna keep the buyer waiting this long.

Pictures still show the lables on the 25s and 500s - those have been carefully removed and can be replaced with any denom you like through
China Clays-1.jpg

China Clays-4.jpg

The bank 25 CC-1.jpg
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