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Aug 8, 2013
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I thought I'd share a poem I wrote about hosting my monthly game. 'Tis the season, of course.

’Twas the Night Before Poker

’Twas the night before poker at the Hogue place,
Dottie’s decorations are moved to give poker more space.
She moves her decorations out with care,
And cleans up the room, leaving it bare.

She turns the room to Rex to make it his own
So he can turn it in to the poker zone.
The leaf is put on the dining room table
To transform the space as quick as we are able.

With the table expanded to make it long,
The place looks so bare with decorations all gone.
Table pads unfurled according to size,
And a topper put on that is pleasing to eyes.

The stacking chairs are brought in so players can sit
The new stackable chairs have been quite a hit.
As preparations continue to wipe out the gloom,
The Pelican case is rolled into the room.

The Pelican is stuffed with all the poker gear inside
And Rex surveys the contents with the lid opened wide.
He takes out the chips, the cards, the timers too,
And keeps on working until he’s through.

The chips are removed and stacked with care
With each stack counted to make things fair.
The chips are left in their boxes and set in one place,
With the chip boxes and cards taking up space.

The task completed and everything tight,
We have now done what can be done tonight
By now it’s late and time for bed,
And Rex looks forward to the day ahead.

The living room and kitchen are readied late the next day,
And the house is ready for poker play.
The table is brought to living room with care,
The 8-foot oval with the top all bare.

The tables are covered with pads and a top,
And chairs are moved in as we set up shop.
Cards are set out and dealer buttons are set
In hopes that players would soon make a bet.

When suddenly from the front there came such a noise,
It had to be the poker girls and boys.
They sprang from their cars and came to our door
It’s poker time coming into the ‘fore!

We collect all the money and put it in bags,
And try to get things going as the starting time lags.
As usual Sheri brought treats in a tin,
Now it is time for the game to begin.

We all sit down and everything’s set,
The cards are dealt and the blinds are bet.
Our space is tight when all are in places,
And Al’s 7-duece takes out someone’s Aces.

It’s highly competitive, a real dog fight,
The game goes on halfway through the night.
As players are knocked out, they step out with grace;
Each manages to leave with a smile on their face.

When near the end where very few stayed,
All chips are in as the last card is played.
The chips in the middle are all in a pile,
And the winner is declared with a great big smile.

Then everyone’s paid and all to go to their cars,
I step out and take a look at the stars.
I step back inside and see all there is to do,
And know it will be hours before I am through.

Next I input the stats and start the newsletter,
And try to think of things that would make this better.
It’s a labor of love though; I’ve enjoyed this night.
By late the next day, not a poker thing is in sight.

I feel some sadness as I put it all away,
And start looking forward to the next poker day.
I would do it every week, that truly would thrill me.
I’d suggest it to Dottie, but I’m sure she’d kill me.

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